A 6 week course to optimize your health, well-being and performance

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Why Life in Motion?

Our goal with Life in Motion it to connect people with ideas, to bridge the gap between insight and action, and to build a global community committed to health and well-being.

  • Master your mornings
  • Improve your physical fitness and mobility
  • Achieve greater mental clarity and focus
  • Upgrade your nutrition and energy
  • Stay connected
  • Crush your goals

Addressing the challenges of the modern era

We look at the lifestyle factors that impact us all and provide the blueprint and the guidance for you to manage them effectively.


Coaching, Curriculum, Community.

Good habits become the unconscious actions that lead to exponential growth.

Our commitment is to provide the best environment for your growth in a way that fits into your busy life. We do this with 30 minutes of daily curriculum and coaching, and a community aligned to your success.


with Slava Goloubov

We draw from yoga, kung fu, capoeira, ballet and acro yoga for a broad-based and dynamic approach to movement.


with Carolyn Anne Budgell

Bring greater clarity, focus and control to your thoughts. Training of the mind requires less effort than you might think – the trick is sticking with it.


with Rachelle Girardin

Coming “back to nature” is the simplest yet most profound way to shift your overall health and wellness, and ability to live life to the fullest.

Meet the Coaches

400 members and counting!

Vancouver Real is a podcast and community committed to your personal growth. Having interviewed a spectrum of high-achievers, we’ve mapped out the blueprint to your success. We welcome you to join our community.

Our partners

Practical tools for profound results.

The domains of Movement, Meditation and Nutrition provide the greatest leverage to realize an individuals best potential. In other words, they are the areas where we get the most benefit with the least amount of time and effort. Practical yet effective practices one can implement for life-changing results.

The Programme

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