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Sean Bockhold and Candice White

As working professionals and entrepreneurs, Life in Motion is the distillation of many of the tools and methods we use in our own day-to-day lives. What started as an interest in expanding our professional capacity and longevity, grew to become something we wanted to share with the world. Now, combined with the expertise of the coaches it has become so much more.

By committing to a daily routine that is lived in balance, anything is possible. We hope you join us here at Life in Motion and find out for yourself just what that feels like!

Education and Programme Advisors

Dr. David Kohler and Cole Nakatani of Hydra Labs and Relearn Habits

As education consultants for some of top entrepreneurship hubs in Canada, David and Cole design and build high-level entrepreneurial curricula and educational programmes. They are the founders of Hydra Labs, and the architects behind ReLearn habits, the workshop that inspired the Life in Motion programme.

Being both educators and entrepreneurs, they know the blueprint, and have all the tools necessary to assess and then implement habits of personal and business mastery.

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The Vancouver Real Podcast and Community

The Vancouver Real Podcast  is a place where you can tap into the real dialogue being shared locally and amongst some of the world’s greatest minds, thought leaders, and innovators; people at the forefront of evolving our communities, organizations, and the planet. Join us for unscripted discussions, and a 1-2 hour format that leads to deeper, more intimate and authentic conversations. No agenda, just dialogue that speaks from the heart of Vancouver and beyond.

The Vancouver Real Community’s mission is to connect YOU with inspiring thought leaders and their work. We’re here to help you reach your potential and connect and collaborate with people on a similar path. We believe that it is through new and different experiences that people truly learn and grow. For this reason, we offer a dynamic range of events and workshops that educate, challenge and evolve you.

Our goal is to connect you with people and businesses in Vancouver that align with our principles and values; growth-oriented individuals focused on helping each other integrate new practices, expand comfort zones, and take action on goals and aspirations.

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